At the start of 2013, I made a New Year’s Resolution with a friend, about getting more creative.
The idea we agreed on was that every week I would write a creative story.

I felt a little rusty at the start of the year, and sometimes words flowed, other times my brain seemed to stall, but after 52 weeks, the resolution is complete.
All of the stories were written on the day they were posted, and the only editing I did after hitting the “publish” button was to correct spelling.

I’m not one to make goals like this, but I recommend it to everyone.
It doesn’t have to be a story, it doesn’t have to be creative, and it doesn’t have to be weekly. But a goal which you can tick off at the end of the year as being complete creates a pretty awesome feeling.

For those with similar resolutions for 2014, I wish you good luck.