Grading to red belt

My goal for 2022 was to achieve my blue and red belts, and after a tough assessment on 10 November, I became 4th Kyu / red belt on 13 November.

Oh Canada!

Baseball, hockey, creepy castles, maple tasting, and a pagan wedding… all part of my first trip to Canada!

Grading to Blue Belt

Just 10 days after having covid, on a stormy day with thunder, lightning and massive downpours, I attended grading to become 5th Kyu / blue belt.

Every Run is a Personal Best When it’s Your First

Last weekend I ran the Mizuno 10km run as part of the Gazley Voltswagen Wellington Marathon. Well, when I say run, I jogged and walked the majority of it. It was a terrible day, weather wise. Freezing temperatures, rain, and that strong southerly wind Wellington is known for. Almost 500 people that signed up to…

Attempting Round the Bays with Fibromyalgia

On Sunday 18 February I did the 6.5km Wellington Round the Bays. Easy for some, not so much for me. Let me explain… “You should only run if you’re being chased or on fire”. That was how I viewed running for a long time, yet when I was a kid, my family belonged to a…

The Waikanae Walk of Hell, Yes!

Every Sunday, I give myself a little challenge and go on a walk or trek. In 2018, so far this has included the Southern Walkway in Wellington, Manawatu Gorge, Turakirae Head, and Waikanae Riverbank (all quite different walks, and all recommended. Also suggest Central Park in Brooklyn/Te Aro and Otari-Wilton’s Bush, both in Wellington). Last…

Let’s all go to the zoo!

One of the most undervalued experiences one can have is a visit to the zoo. There’s nothing quite like an up-close encounter, and I’ve been lucky enough to experience a few over the years. Most recently with red pandas at Wellington Zoo.

Meet the Northern Spirit

Through work I’ve often had a lot to do with sporting teams – the Jets basketball team and Turbos rugby in Manawatu, Horowhenua-Kapiti rugby, Hurricanes, Chiefs, Mooloos, and the Northern Knights cricket team. Know what all these teams have in common? They’re all men’s teams.

Getting Lasik Eye Surgery

A few days ago I got lasik eye surgery. I’ve had a few people ask what it was like so thought I’d write about my experience. But first, some background. I’m short-sighted. If I held my hand out in front of me, everything went blurry at my fingertips. I got glasses when I was 12…

That Time I Saw Eminem

The moment I heard Eminem was coming to New Zealand, I was so excited! I’m a music lover – I enjoy so many different types and styles. I think one of the things that makes Eminem so great is that his music crosses boundaries and he mixes hip hop with pop and rock, rapping faster…


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I enjoy keeping active and am passionate about sport, particularly rugby, and getting outdoors. I have a background in theatre and the arts, am training in karate, learning New Zealand Sign Language, and love travelling both domestically and internationally. 

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