Week 43 – The Fighter

He’d heard she was a fighter, but Michael wasn’t immediately convinced.
She didn’t look like much, but he knew that some of the best fighters used their opponents strength against them, rather than their own, for.
He first of all eavesdropped on her conversation with another man. She joked about how often she’d beaten him up. The man laughed but it was clear his pride was hurt which confirmed her standing.
Michael used the uncomfortable moment that followed to introduce himself into her circle.
She noticed the brace on his arm and seemed to smile – did she know why he was here?
The conversation moved to another man describing his workout routine, and Michael noticed her eyes glaze over. Now was his opportunity.
He stepped sideways and crossed behind her to the lounge. Michael could feel her eyes on him as he picked up one of the controls, and before he’d even got to the two-player option, she was by his side with the second controller.
Game on.

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