Week 37

It’s easy to blame mistakes on a lack of sleep. But when you’re swimming in the haze of fatigue, it’s no wonder things go wrong.
Confused names, depth perception lost, words muddled up.
And there’s no quick recharge for sleep. A coffee or energy drink only goes so far.
The messed up thing is, you can either lose or gain weight with sleep deprivation. How unfair is that? 50/50 chance of gaining weight while you’re losing your mind. Awesome.
The hallucinations are the worst. I don’t know whether I’ve been day dreaming or whether something has actually happened. Did so-and-so really say such-and-such? I don’t know!
So the only cure is sleep, but there’s no such thing as catching up on sleep. You can’t get back the hours of waking and convert them into dream time. They’re gone. Lost in the folds of time and yesterday.
So here I am. Awake. And making mstiakes.

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