Week 51

Many think they never existed, some think they were hunted into extinction, but few know that they were forced into hiding.
Distinguishable by their smooth skin and shiny hair, they emit positivity and happiness like bubbles into the air. Bright eyes, big smiles, and an endless supply of support and friendship, they now live among us, bringing rainbows into grey lives.
Just as werewolves are now considered a myth, so are the unicorns. And while a werewolf still turns at the full moon, the unicorns are always their real selves on the inside, but will only ever show their true form amongst their own kind.
There are more in the world than you may realise. They are that comforting smile, that surprise helper, that person who is always there when you need them.
But ask them if they’re a unicorn? They will simply laugh, and make a joke. They cannot admit to what they are. Not yet at least. Not while the darkness still surrounds us.
For now, they are the light in the shadows, the beauty in an otherwise dreary day. And for now, that’s okay.

Week 44

When did things change?
It seems like just the other day we were all hanging out, dancing in town, and dealing with dramas that the opposite sex brings.
But now I can’t remember how long your hair is, or whether you have freckles on your face. We spent every day together for years, but now… how long has it been? Months?
No, years.
The changes had probably already begun then. I didn’t know you were in town, you didn’t know I was either. We managed to catch up and it was like old times, just with a few newer faces in the group. Plans for the future were being mapped, but nothing set. And I thought, wrongly assumed, that when it came for the next step, we’d be side by side. Or at least, aware of what the other was up to.
And so you go one way, and stay here. I still think of you as one of my best friends, but you’re not really. I certainly am not one of yours.
Is it the time? Or just the space that has shifted our friendship to the past?
If we ever end up in the same town again, maybe we’ll be friends again too. But for now, let’s just like each other’s photos on Facebook, just to show we’re still there.

Week 8

The smell of fur and pet food tickles her nose.
She sits with her legs outstretched, crossed at the ankles, hoping she looks patient and only slightly concerned, rather than bordering on a breakdown.
Her body is tense. Eyes fixed to the floor.
Her four-legged best friend has been with the vet for at least an hour and no one has explained what is happening.
She got a call in the middle of a meeting and had to apologise to her co-workers and clients while switching her phone to silent.
It continued to shake against her stomach throughout the rest of the meeting but there was no way she could even check the number without collecting narrowed eyes and pursed lips from around the table.
Finally after shaking hands and being forced to make small talk about the weather and someone’s football team, she picked up empty coffee cups as an excuse to get away and check her messages.
First there was a call from a man who repeatedly said “sorry” and mentioned something about a car and “out of nowhere” and “Giggles”. It was at that moment when she heard her black and white cat’s name that her breath stopped and her eyes immediately began to water.
There were several more calls after that but no more messages from the man. The voice changed in the next message to a calm and lightly spoken woman who explained that Giggles had been hit by a car and brought into their vet clinic.
The drive seemed twice as long as it should but passed in a blur.
And now here she was, still waiting.
No idea if her best friend was alive.