Share your family photos, but be considerate

A tweet earlier today bemoaning oversharing of child pictures by parents has quickly led to my timeline being full of encouragement for parents to share as many photos as they want.

And I’m in agreement… mostly. Continue reading “Share your family photos, but be considerate”

Week 7

The wave of black hills glitters in the night as lights turn on and off and residents move throughtout apartments and offices.
A stream of red and white lights flood the highway as brakes are touched or slammed depending on the attention of drivers.
Wellington looks gorgeous tonight, but few are paying attention.
Only the children, bored in the back seats, have noticed that one city light is shining brighter than the others.
Only the children have noticed that the brighter the light grows, the more anger and frustration seems to spread amongst the drivers.
A flash of white.
Barely a second.
But enough time for the children to disappear from car seats and booster seats, blankets and seatbelts, their bags and toys the only reminder that there were once more occupants in the cars.
It takes a few more seconds for anyone to notice there’s anything wrong.
The blinding of the light has the adults blinking rapidly and searching for the source, before turning around to check the kids are still buckled in, only to find there’s no trace of them.
The moon is barely visible amongst streaks of grey but seems extra bright tonight as it fights against the darkness.