Week 41 – Night Watch

I can see his outline in the darkness by the front gate, and confirm his identity when his black and white fur catches the moonlight.
He knows he shouldn’t be here, but he’s come anyway.
I flick my tail twice and trust that Mojo has seen it from her guard at the top of the garage. A quick howl moments later gives me the go ahead to advance.
This cat lives two doors down and is well known for breaking into homes to steal food. This isn’t the first time he’s attempted to creep into ours, but we’re determined not to let him pass tonight.
I leave my post by the cat door and round the lemon tree on the left, planning to attack from the right, however a shadow behind me makes me hesitate. It won’t be Mojo, she knows not to sneak up on me. I wait a beat but see nothing else, so continue to hunt the black and white cat.
He hasn’t noticed me yet, and I break into a sprint, managing to swipe my claws across his back before he’s even realised he was being watched. His body jumps away from me, and a tuft of fur falls to the ground.
Another swipe, this time across his face but he comes right back at me. I duck and then shift my weight onto my back legs, as he does the same. We use our front paws to box, neither prepared to lose ground.
Mojo had taken over my original post, but seeing that I am losing strength, she rushes to help. She picks up speed quickly and head butts the cat in its side.
He’s taken by surprise and decides the reward in the house isn’t worth the fight, fleeing to the neighbours front yard.
We are just about to congratulate each other on a job well done, when I see the shadow near the lemon tree again. Mojo turns and races to the tree. I hear a short hiss and then silence before two shadows emerge.
It’s the Beagle. Our family’s dog, who is currently in cat territory. Mojo shakes her head, warning me not to attack. I sit and watch as she delicately leaps through the cat door, and I soon hear her sing to our people.
It takes a few minutes, but a light eventually comes on and Mojo returns outside, continuing her song.
A door unlocks, and swings open, followed by slippered feet and shouts of surprise.
“How did you get out here?” the older girl asks. A younger girl calls the Beagle’s name from inside, and he obediently trots in, the door closing behind him.
Mojo ends her song and with a quick nod to me, she climbs back to her position on the roof. The night is still young, and many more threats are out there. I return to my post and keep an eye on the front gate.
We are the night watch. I am Ninja.

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