Week 39 – Sunshine

The red glow through eyelids, the warmth spreading across your body… Sunshine can do wonders to your health and mood, but you’ve actually got to get out there to get the benefits, you know.
Yes, sometimes it is easier to just focus on work at your small desk in your small office and not take a break at lunch, even though your brain could do with the rest. But all it takes is a few minutes outside bathed in sunlight – in fact once you’re out there you may hesitate returning to the computer screen again.
Maybe that’s the problem. You know how good sunshine feels across your skin that you fear you’ll abandon all work ethic and run for the hills in bare feet. Really? Do you trust yourself that little, that you can’t enjoy just five minutes in the sun?
Or maybe you trust yourself, but think that in the five minutes you are gone all hell will break loose and there’ll be no one reliable to sort things out while you enjoy a much needed break.
Well, trust is just as important as sunshine, really. You have to trust people to get by, and the more you trust people, the more you’ll be able to relax in whatever you’re doing.
Trust someone to do their job, trust your partner to collect the kids from school, trust the kids to actually go to school.
Just don’t lose yourself too much in the sunshine that you get burnt. It takes a long time to heal.

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