Week 32 – The Royal Law

Once upon a time in castle far, far away, there lived a Prince who was very sad.
He was sad because he had been told he must marry before his thirtieth birthday or be cast out from the Kingdom.
His birthday was just weeks away and the Royal Law was clear. He had to find a Prince or Princess to wed! After all, he had been brought up in luxury and was not sure how he would fare without the royal lifestyle he was accustomed to.
“Well it’s silly just sitting here,” the Prince said to himself. “There could be dozens of Princes and Princesses waiting for me outside of this castle!”
And so he donned a feathered hat and his best walking boots, and set out for a stroll around the Royal Grounds in the hope of meeting someone to fall in love with.
As The Prince walked across the fields he smiled at the beauty that surrounded him. The tall trees, the singing birds – all of this would be his… if only he could meet someone.
His smile quickly disappeared.
The Prince came across a bridge, standing wide over a curving river. As he began to walk across it, he saw something shimmer in the water below.
He stopped in his tracks, peered over the edge and called out “Who’s there?”
But all he could see was his own image! The Prince was sure that was not what caught his eye. In fact, the Prince already imagined a beautiful Princess to be trapped beneath the water – one that he could rescue and live happily ever after with!
So the Prince leaned over the bridge. He leaned so far… the Prince toppled into the water below!
And the water swallowed the Prince whole. Only his feathered hat was ever found.
The Kingdom mourned the loss of their Prince and on what would have been his thirtieth birthday, they tore up the Royal Law that would have cast him out of the Kingdom had he stayed single and alone… but alive.

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