Week 30 – Twitch

The incessant beeping of cellphones had begun to make Rachel’s eye twitch. The pulling at the corner of her right eye became more frequent with every text tone, gaming alert and keyboard click. It then seemed to travel across her nose and somehow tug on her opposite shoulder with a jolt reminiscent of an electric pulse.
If anyone had the inclination to look up from their pocket-sized computers they may have noticed this curious girl twitching in her seat, but they did not. They had more important things to do like text the person sitting next to them or shuffle tiles on a tiny scrabble board.
The twitching was getting so bad it looked as if Rachel was shaking from an invisible chill, unable to keep warm without her own tiny glowing device. And without that device Rachel had been frozen out of this unsociable social group.
Rachel continued to twitch on her own, her heels rubbing against the carpet like a strange on-the-spot shuffle. Static electricity was building up until –flash– a bright light winked inside the room and all gadgets turned themselves off.
The silence grew loud for a heartbeat before murmurs of confusion, as everyone looked up and around at these familiar strangers sitting next to them.
Rachel blinked and twitched one last time.

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