Week 27 – Traffic

Only slightly aware of the speeds he was hitting, Dane’s car weaved in and out of traffic.
As he closed in on those in front of him, he felt like a predator gaining on its prey, and with the passing of each car, it was like swallowing the vehicles whole.
It wasn’t long before the flash of blue and red swirled in his mirrors but Dane ignored them – his focus straight ahead.
Coming to traffic lights, he slowed slightly, gave a double toot of the horn and a quick glance each way before continuing on.
The further into the city Dane went, the more obvious it was that cars were moving out of his way. However as he reached the heart, he was forced to stop further out than he liked; jumping out of the car and racing on foot pass the gathering crowds and media.
Cordons had already been set up, but Dane simply held up his badge as he kicked his legs over the white tape and made his way onto the scene.
Two more colleagues had pulled up next to his car, their lights beautifully out of sync with his, still flashing. Their expressions were a mirror of his own: concerned and confused.
Inside the cordon was one of the biggest banks in the country, and inside the bank were the bodies of four men. Now it was up to Dane to work out exactly what led to this.

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