Week 24 – Bad Day

It was clear the day wasn’t going to go as planned the moment Gemma woke up.

Firstly, the power had gone out overnight, leaving her clock radio flashing a time that didn’t match the rising sun.

Sitting upright, her eyes skimmed the room for her phone before she made the least graceful climb possible out of bed, tripping over the sheets causing her to hit both forehead and knee on the ground at the same time.

Once her foot had been untangled and her phone found in yesterday’s jeans, it was of little comfort that she wasn’t running behind yet.

No milk for coffee and no bread for toast, Gemma cracked an egg in the frying pan instead and darted around the lounge to open the curtains and welcome in the morning light.

Moving back to the stove she realised she hadn’t even turned the element on. Rolling her eyes and shaking her head, she turned the dial and went back to the lounge to prepare her work papers and clear out yesterday’s receipts from her handbag.

Heading back to the kitchen to check on her egg, it was as she’d left it. Stove wasn’t working. Was the power out again? She flicked the kitchen light switch and sure enough, no light.

This time she growled and turned off the element, leaving the egg in its cold pan.

Gemma figured there’d still be some hot water for a shower so headed to the bathroom, only to find there were no towels. She checked the cupboard… no towels there either.

Checked the wash… all the towels seemed to be waiting for the machine.

She covered her face in her hands for a moment and thought. Gym bag!

Skipping the gym yesterday was paying off – she had a clean towel in her bag that she could use.

The water was warm but fading quickly. Not that she needed much time – her shampoo was almost out. There was just enough for a quick wash and rinse and even less conditioner.

Gemma managed to stub her toe on the way out of the shower and swore at the bathmat.

Surely things couldn’t get any worse?

Unfortunately for Gemma, this was only the beginning.

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