Dad’s first tattoo

Three years ago, dad became an Ironman in Taupo, about a month before his 63rd birthday.

He’d made a deal with some of the people he’d trained with, that if they all completed the Ironman, they would all get a tattoo.

And the others did.

So for Christmas 2015, I did what any good daughter would do, and got dad a tattoo voucher.

I checked first that he was okay with this, and then I tweeted out asking where the best place to take him would be. Overwhelmingly the answer was White Rabbit Ink in Auckland.

Dad was hesitant to go and book by himself, so yesterday I went with him and they happened to have a spot free later that night…



Meet the Northern Spirit

Through work I’ve often had a lot to do with sporting teams – the Jets basketball team and Turbos rugby in Manawatu, Horowhenua-Kapiti rugby, Hurricanes, Chiefs, Mooloos, and the Northern Knights cricket team.

Know what all these teams have in common?

They’re all men’s teams.

They’re all talented men and you’re sure to have seen them on TV or even gone along to their games… but what about the women’s teams? Despite having some incredible sporting women in this country, they are rarely promoted through our media unless they start getting international attention first.

While working in the Waikato I discovered some really talented women in sport. The Women’s Waikato Rugby team are fearless! They’re taking on Auckland in the semi-finals this weekend.

And I was really impressed by the Northern Spirit cricket team. These are women who study or work full time (or both!) and play multiple sports along with representing the Northern Districts.

I was lucky enough to meet them at the end of September and I really encourage you to go see them play. All their games are free! They’re playing around the country from November 27 – February 14.