Every Run is a Personal Best When it’s Your First

Last weekend I ran the Mizuno 10km run as part of the Gazley Voltswagen Wellington Marathon. Well, when I say run, I jogged and walked the majority of it.

It was a terrible day, weather wise. Freezing temperatures, rain, and that strong southerly wind Wellington is known for.

Almost 500 people that signed up to do either the full marathon, the half, the 10km, or the Kids Magic Mile didn’t show up on the day. Most likely due to the poor conditions. Continue reading “Every Run is a Personal Best When it’s Your First”

Raising Money for Blind Foundation Guide Dogs

I’ve set up a new online shop to raise money for the Blind Foundation Guide Dogs! Each product sold will have 50% of the price donated to help train Guide Dogs in New Zealand.

Guide dogs are incredibly important, giving people who are blind or have low vision, freedom and independence.

The name of the shop is ‘Spirit Animal‘. The name was chosen due to the belief in many cultures of spirit animals helping to protect and guide a person on their life’s journey. A trained guide dog protects, guides, warns, encourages and helps their Handler in a multitude of ways. A real-life spirit animal!

For sale are products sourced or created by my sister Emma and I. Products for dogs and dog-lovers. Many items also make great gifts, so that you too can help spread the word of the good work that the Blind Foundation does. The more people that know about the Blind Foundation, and Blind Foundation Guide Dogs, the greater their impact.

There’s also a fundraising page as we plan to Run for Guide Dogs as part of the ASB Auckland Marathon in October. Emma will again be running the Half Marathon. I will be doing the 12km Traverse, which will be my first time on the course, and only my third run in an event like this as an adult. My first being the Cigna Wellington Round the Bays in February, and my second in the upcoming Wellington Marathon, of which I’ll be doing the 10km run.

Check out Spirit Animal here, and if you have any suggestions for products let me know if the comments either here on this blog or via the online shop’s contact page.



Attempting Round the Bays with Fibromyalgia

On Sunday 18 February I did the 6.5km Wellington Round the Bays. Easy for some, not so much for me. Let me explain…

“You should only run if you’re being chased or on fire”. That was how I viewed running for a long time, yet when I was a kid, my family belonged to a running club.

We’d go every Wednesday night and some weekends. No fire involved. Occasional chasing.

I was active in dance (ballet, jazz, character), hockey, and drama around this time too, but as I got older, I stopped running. It became a chore. Something you did when you had to. I remember being made to do a 5km “fun run” with school when I was about 12. I hated it.

I’ve done very little running since. Then I stopped playing hockey. Stopped dancing. Eventually stopped acting. And in my twenties I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Continue reading “Attempting Round the Bays with Fibromyalgia”

Let’s all go to the zoo!

One of the most undervalued experiences one can have is a visit to the zoo.

There’s nothing quite like an up-close encounter, and I’ve been lucky enough to experience a few over the years. Most recently with red pandas at Wellington Zoo. Continue reading “Let’s all go to the zoo!”

Trust No One. Not even the Department of Conservation

They say don’t trust everything you read online.

But what if that information belongs to the Department of Conservation? Surely that’s a site you should be able to trust when it comes to say, going for a walk, right? As I discovered on Saturday, that’s not the case. Continue reading “Trust No One. Not even the Department of Conservation”

Share your family photos, but be considerate

A tweet earlier today bemoaning oversharing of child pictures by parents has quickly led to my timeline being full of encouragement for parents to share as many photos as they want.

And I’m in agreement… mostly. Continue reading “Share your family photos, but be considerate”

What’s with all the Lying Romance?

The latest Christmas movie for romantics to get swept away with is the Netflix Original “A Christmas Prince”.

Like many others, I first ignored it when it was first suggested on Netflix.

But oh then, that great Marketing wheel! All it took was a tweet to have me intrigued…

…and so I finally watched it the weekend before Christmas. Continue reading “What’s with all the Lying Romance?”