About Me

I’ve lived all over NZ thanks to study and work (Auckland, Tauranga, Waikato, Manawatu, Wanganui, Kapiti, Wellington, Canterbury, Otago) as well as worked overseas in Australia and the USA. Firstly as an actor and then as a radio announcer with Mediaworks. I moved to Wellington in 2016 to work in sport and events.

I grew up surrounded by the arts and sport – for some that may seem an unusual mix but in our family it made sense. My parents ran sporting stores which created great opportunities with rugby, basketball and boxing and I was involved in dance, drama, hockey and athletics.

I moved out of home at 16 to pursue acting, and made my professional debut at the Fortune Theatre in 2004. However it was a trip to the US where radio kept coming up and in 2005 I started my career with More FM. Through radio I was involved in sport again, namely hockey commentating, on field announcing for rugby, and interviews with rugby and cricket players.

After ten years with Mediaworks, I spent two years with Wellington Rugby and the Hurricanes, I currently work for Wellington Regional Stadium Trust, better known as Sky Stadium.

I’m a strong public speaker and enjoy MCing, as well as video narration, commercial voicing, and presenting.

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