What’s with all the Lying Romance?

The latest Christmas movie for romantics to get swept away with is the Netflix Original “A Christmas Prince”.

Like many others, I first ignored it when it was first suggested on Netflix.

But oh then, that great Marketing wheel! All it took was a tweet to have me intrigued…

…and so I finally watched it the weekend before Christmas.

First of all: Rose McIvor is in it! She’s a Kiwi, and as a Kiwi myself, yay for a Kiwi! (Us Kiwis do get very excited about seeing our own on screen).

It all starts out in typical fashion. Single woman who is underappreciated at work, gets opportunity to prove herself. In this case, by flying overseas at Christmas to report on a royal family.

First observation: what is the deal with Americans and their obsession with royals? Is it because they don’t have their own? The Prince in this story is very British-Prince Charming-ish.

McIvor’s character is a journalist who needs to score a great story so she can get her big career break. But oh no! The press conference has been cancelled and there’s no story to be had. What’s a girl to do, but break into the palace and pretend to be the Princess’ tutor? Where she promptly meets the Prince and continues to lie to him until (shock, horror!) she is revealed to be a fraud at an important public event.

And thus, it joins the collection of so many other “romantic” stories based on lies.

I’m not sure why this is so common. It seems like in the type of story where you should want the main characters to have a fairy tale ending, it might be best to begin with a bit more honesty. Perhaps Ariel and Cinderella are to blame?

I get that the characters need to get over a hurdle of some sort, but lying about who you are from the moment you meet the so-called “love of your life” or “soul mate” seems like a pretty poor start to a relationship.

Some of the main examples:

Ok, “10 Things I Hate About You” gets a pass because Shakespeare can do no wrong, but this is already too many movies with lying as the centrepiece.

So: Netflix… Writers… Film Students… how about giving honesty a go? Hollywood could sure use a little more.

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