Selling Simply with Storbie

You’ve got a great product that needs an online store. But you don’t want to have to hire a web designer, especially if it means calling on them every time you need something updated.

That’s where Storbie can help. A New Zealand ecommerce website that let’s you set up shop for yourself, by yourself.

set up shop

Head to, sign up, and add in the name of your business to create an account. You’ll immediately be taken to the edit page of your new shop, where you can add in your logo and information about your business.


I’ve gone with my sister’s brand “Untamed Territory”, which provides boutique pet care services. She’s in the early stages of creating her business from her home in Foxton, making her a perfect test subject.

I played around with a few different images and added in some text, but chose the default setting on most options. Very soon a polished, professional site emerged.


From there, you can add in your products with images. Start off with a title, and optional code (if you don’t create one, the site automatically creates one for you). Add in your stock, pricing, and any purchase limits. Finally, just add a photo and some product categories and tags. Done.

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Your product is then available for sale with a clear picture, text, price… and even a sale option.


After the initial set up to get the look and feel of the site, you can easily flick between the management of overview, products, orders, images, markets, and settings.

The site looks good on all devices and the finished product is slick and professional with minimum maintenance. Just update your products as you go, add the odd special, and you’re in business.

To get you officially started with Storbie, you get 30 days free trial to test it out.

Too easy.




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