Famous Stages

A mate of mine who was hosting What Now? saw one of the original hosts, Simon Barnett, in a coffee shop in Christchurch. He was so excited to see his idol – a guy whose job he now had – but he was too scared to go up and say hi.
I was working with Si at the time and so I laughed when he told me this. I think Si would have thought it was cool to meet him.
My friend kicked himself a bit over this, but considered Si to be too famous to approach.

I realised then that there are many different levels of fame. So I thought I’d try to map out the stages. Continue reading “Famous Stages”


The Dark Side of Social Sport

Our work signed up for social basketball at the start of the year and have played two games so far at the YMCA.
The first we lost 22-99, the second 21-107.
Yeah, we’re not great, but that’s ok. We wanted to get involved in something social and fun, but… it is starting to lack in the latter. Continue reading “The Dark Side of Social Sport”

That Time I Saw Eminem

The moment I heard Eminem was coming to New Zealand, I was so excited!
I’m a music lover – I enjoy so many different types and styles. I think one of the things that makes Eminem so great is that his music crosses boundaries and he mixes hip hop with pop and rock, rapping faster and more intelligently than many of his peers. Continue reading “That Time I Saw Eminem”