Week 30

The incessant beeping of cellphones had begun to make Rachel’s eye twitch. The pulling at the corner of her right eye became more frequent with every text tone, gaming alert and keyboard click. It then seemed to travel across her nose and somehow tug on her opposite shoulder with a jolt reminiscent of an electric pulse.
If anyone had the inclination to look up from their pocket-sized computers they may have noticed this curious girl twitching in her seat, but they did not. They had more important things to do like text the person sitting next to them or shuffle tiles on a tiny scrabble board.
The twitching was getting so bad it looked as if Rachel was shaking from an invisible chill, unable to keep warm without her own tiny glowing device. And without that device Rachel had been frozen out of this unsociable social group.
Rachel continued to twitch on her own, her heels rubbing against the carpet like a strange on-the-spot shuffle. Static electricity was building up until –flash– a bright light winked inside the room and all gadgets turned themselves off.
The silence grew loud for a heartbeat before murmurs of confusion, as everyone looked up and around at these familiar strangers sitting next to them.
Rachel blinked and twitched one last time.


Week 29

He stood atop the building, mask concealing his identity, cape gracefully being lifted up by the wind. The giant “H” on his chest stood for “Hero”.
Sometimes he didn’t feel much like a hero, but today he did. Today he felt the power of his ancestors within his veins. He felt the strength of a hundred heroes before him.
He looked over the sleepy town and narrowed his eyes towards the local school. Trouble was brewing there, his senses told him.
He tilted his head and listened carefully. He could hear people talking, but couldn’t quite grasp all the words. Was his power failing?
He spun his head around to check if his nemesis was nearby, somehow draining his energy.
No. He was alone.
He concentrated harder on the voices. They needed his help.
Pulling back his shoulders and with a determined eye on the school, he stepped off the roof to fly to justice.

When he woke, his legs felt disconnected, and he was surrounded by a buzzing of voices.
He realised his neck was locked in a vice! His whole body seemed frozen! Two men in white had captured him and were carrying him backwards towards a vault.
The hero’s mask was ripped from him, his identity no longer a secret.
A woman climbed inside the vault as it began to move. A siren echoed from every corner.
“The H – it stands for Harry,” the woman said, her face pale and streaked with tears and mascara. “I’m his mum.”

Week 28

The high pitched scream sent ice coursing through their veins and made the hairs on the back of their necks stand on end.
They looked up to where the sound came from and immediately rushed towards the stairs, tripping over each other as they both reached for the hand rail to steady their ascent.
At the top of the stairs they turned right, hoping they wouldn’t be too late.
The scream was echoing around the hallway and drove the sound through to their skulls.
The door was closed. Not a good sign.
As they pushed it open the sound exploded. In the middle of the room was a five-year-old child who had just ripped the head off of the four-year-old’s favourite doll.
Here we go.

Week 27

Only slightly aware of the speeds he was hitting, Dane’s car weaved in and out of traffic.
As he closed in on those in front of him, he felt like a predator gaining on its prey, and with the passing of each car, it was like swallowing the vehicles whole.
It wasn’t long before the flash of blue and red swirled in his mirrors but Dane ignored them – his focus straight ahead.
Coming to traffic lights, he slowed slightly, gave a double toot of the horn and a quick glance each way before continuing on.
The further into the city Dane went, the more obvious it was that cars were moving out of his way. However as he reached the heart, he was forced to stop further out than he liked; jumping out of the car and racing on foot pass the gathering crowds and media.
Cordons had already been set up, but Dane simply held up his badge as he kicked his legs over the white tape and made his way onto the scene.
Two more colleagues had pulled up next to his car, their lights beautifully out of sync with his, still flashing. Their expressions were a mirror of his own: concerned and confused.
Inside the cordon was one of the biggest banks in the country, and inside the bank were the bodies of four men. Now it was up to Dane to work out exactly what led to this.

Week 26

The phone rings.
She pauses mid movement.
It’ll be him.

The phone rings.
Does she answer?
It could also be the other man.

The phone rings.
If she answers and it’s him, what then?
Then she’s stuck in conversation.

The phone rings.
One will help her, the other will upset her.
Time is running out.

The phone rings.
She reaches for it.
Her hand hovers.

The phone rings.
She pulls away.
Will he call back?

The phone rings.
Time to answer.

The phone stops ringing.